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Balazs has over 15 years hands on management and sales experience. Spending time with Financial, Industrial and Information and Communication Technology companies he gained experience how to sell successfully.


All of his knowledge is for your disposal. First he understands your business and your business needs. Then he listens to you and shares what he sees as room for improvement. He may reveal thing that you would not see sitting inside your organization.


On his knowledge transfer programs - being a workshop, training, brain-storming or coaching session – he plays a lot. Real life examples, games in teams or one-on- one makes his education fun and success.


After having his knowledge shared a planned follow-up period is agreed to see if things started to change.

What is really nice about this? He measures his engagements with clear indicators. And this is very convincing when you see the number of calls or the quality of customer meetings increase.
Power, influence, motivation.

Programs for Sales People

  • ProActive Selling
  • Inside Sales Development program
  • ProActive Account Strategies
  • Account planning
  • Opportunity planning
  • Negotiate Like a Pro: The Art of Sales Negotiations
  • Selling to executives
  • Creating “Value” in Sales Transactions
  • Sales Presentation Skills
  • The Advanced Sales School: Becoming “Best in Class”
  • Sustainable account management

Sales Training Programs for Sales Managers

  • ProActive Sales Management
  • Customized Leadership Sales Management
Sales Techniques, Strategies and Tools to Ignite Sales Performance

Organizational Development

When you map your org. structure and culture it will give you the possibility to compare current and desired business goals. Once possible reasons of failures are explored an action plan can be put together.

Power, influence, decision making, organizational communication and co- operation, motivation, performance management, core values and competencies, organization and preferred leadership and behavior styles makes a huge and sensitive web. Whatever piece you touch influences the others.

Analyzing and balancing detected inconsistencies between the cultural possibilities and personal objectives and preferences allows the organization to operate as of its values and objectives.

On-the-job coaching

On-the-job coaching We believe in trainings in groups. But many times you are alone and you make a decision without having the possibility to consult with your colleagues. On-the- job coaching happens hand-in- hand with you at your workplace at worktime. We may even see your customers or your boss together with you to reveal weaknesses that may cause shortfalls. We play simple games simulating business processes to draw your attention to the cooperation possibility between your counterparts.

We can feed back your actions immediately putting a real mirror in front of you. A coach provides an outside view, someone who's worked with others in your situation, an expert in getting the job done with a minimum of fuss. Mistakes have become more costly to make in recent years, so a coach is often like an inexpensive insurance policy.

Interim Sales Management

Improving your sales force efficiency with your traditional tools and methods may fail from time to time. Your sales manager leaves and it is hard to find a replacement. You may also realize that your sales processes, incentives, motivating tools are not working as well as before.

You may need some fresh up-to- date pair of sales eyes with long sales experience who can advise some changes modification in your lead generation or lead qualification. Your funnel may be dry and you do not see the forthcoming 12 months clear enough. This is when you need someone who spends 3-6 months with you and straighten things up.
A pair of experienced sales eyes from outside can reveal your sales weaknesses.

Balázs Radnóti

Balázs RadnótiBalázs Radnóti has founded his own company in 2008. With more than ten years of international management and consulting experience Balázs set the aim of offering custom-tailored learning and development solutions for the clients. The scope includes skill, managerial and organizational development, coaching and interim management services.

Balázs worked at financial, FMCG and trading companies in Hungary and abroad. He was in charge for the development and successful deployment of learning solutions at newly founded subsidiaries with an information management focus. He used to work in expansion projects in Croatia, Russia, Vietnam, Japan, China, India and Pakistan. As a senior trainer and consultant he took project management responsibilities for numerous organizational development and change management projects in Greece, Denmark and Morocco. Later as a senior management member he gains experience in HR strategic issues like management development and succession planning.

Balázs graduated as an economist at the College of Foreign Trade, studied Business Administration at the University of Humberside in UK, later with a Soros scholarship completed his MA studies at the Central European University specialized in the political and economic transition of CEE and also did an MA in Sociology with a change management focus at leading Hungarian University ELTE while already working.

Balázs plays squash, golf and also wakeboards. In addition, he has been extensively travelling mainly in the Third World. So far he has visited more than 80 countries.

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